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 AX15 Tech - 5th Gear Split

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PostSubject: AX15 Tech - 5th Gear Split   Thu Sep 10, 2009 11:53 am

Well this is a new one for me from the AX15. One of the mechanics at the shop was driving his Jeep and while shifting from 3rd or into 3rd don't remember which, he suddenly was locked out of all gears. It felt like something was jammed. He took the entire trans apart and found that the shift fork was stuck. He unjammed it and put it back together. He shifted through all the gears then it got jammed in 5th. Pulled it apart again and discovered that the shift fork wouldn't release and pull the gear back. We were baffled at this point and did a quick google search. Turns out that 5th gear occasionally cracks. With the crack it doesn't allow the collar to move.

These pics were taken with the phone wish i would have had my dig cam for higher quality.

If you look closely you can see the troublesome brass synchronizers. With a nice big clean work bench I don't see a rebuild being out of the question. Still out of the question for me though haha.

Side view of all the shift rails

Below the shaft you can see the shift fork. It is sitting on 5th gear. The shifter was in the neutral position, however, the front most gear you see should be completely disengaged. In other words the shift fork was unable to push backwards to release it.

Another view.

You're going to have to zoom in. It is tough is to spot but I circled it in red to help. This is 5th gear. Nice part about it is that it's the outermost gear and not that bad to replace. Part was $140ish my cost lists for 180 something. Beats a a complete rebuild!!

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AX15 Tech - 5th Gear Split
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