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 I'm Bummed, oops err HELLO Everybody!

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PostSubject: I'm Bummed, oops err HELLO Everybody!   Thu May 03, 2007 1:44 am

Hi Everybody,

Well some of youns may recognize my Jeeps in my avatar others may remember me as Smokey.

I've been reading the stories of your last outing in Va. I was going to try to try to make it down there this past weekend because it's way closer than meeting youns @ Rausch Creek. And I'm so bummed I didn't pack up the kids a few spare quarts of Power steering fluid (for smoke effects)
and trek down. Looks like we missed a HOLE lotta fun, pun intended.

Well since we were out @ Rausch Creek last year for your charity run I broke both Jeeps.

My lil' white one tried to climb a very slick stair step, 1st I broke a mirror, that gave me 7hrs bad luck,(fingers crossed, isn't that how the saying goes) That happened because I had to back back down the waterfall. Get this ; to let a YJ Lifted,60's w/35" tires locked front and rear and a Stroked chevy SB, back out cause he couldn't get uuup. GRR so of course I had to make it back up and beyond where he stopped well then in trying I blew out a spring bushing, killed my aftermarket ignition, tried to launch my 258 through my radiator and blew the seal out of the back of my master cylinder.

In spite of all that I got towed to the top of the canyon flipped the switch going back to the the ole untrusty duraspark ignition and I drove it back to the trailer stopping for a picnic and letting the motor cool off.

Well then back out to Rausch Creek for some colorful fall wheelin'

Load up the Hillbilly Red Renegade trail only rig, I can't call it a rock crawler yet it needs more work and some book learnin'.

Sat morning:
0800 arrive @ Rausch Creek, Ahh breathe in that fresh crisp mountain air.

0815 Sign in @ office, Hi yeah it's us back again!

0830 Found friends campsite, WAKEY,WAKEY. Grumble Had a late night.

0900 Woot 1st trail !

0910 2nd trail, Rocks, Wait what's that smoke?
0911 Lift Hood, Imagine that it's a blown power steering hose Sad ponders ; why don't I drive a Willys there ain't no hoses on their steering boxes.
0912 While noting the environmental damage of the PS fluid splashing on the rocks a trail-mate comments,"eww dat der left front axle jernt looks too shiny"
0913 I bend down and spy it myself, yep broken metal looks real shiny sigh.
0915 2WD mode and tow strap back to the kiddie trails.

0930 Back at staging area, as I wipe the sweat from my brow Sue goes Wow! that was worth it.

So all winter when I wasn't working I was scouring E-Bay for parts, waiting for the sun to come out for me to open my shade tree Jeep shop back up.

2 weekends ago we had the lil' white one back on the trails, It is running good again it stays cool and no smoke. We're going to keep it on ice cream detail and Sunday drives, maybe a few kiddie trails just to show up the stockers.

While youns was wheelin' in Va I was using the beautiful weather to fix up Hillbilly Red. It's running great still sittin' on 33" MT's but I got a set of 35" Pro Comps in the shed waiting for better gears or maybe something more creative.

I'm going to try to make the rest of the Big Dog events this year, we are going camping in June to see how the kids do, especially Hannah I think she's going to hate sleepin' bags.

We'll also be keeping tabs on your trail-rides to see if we can tag along.

See I was bummed when I started this post and now I feel happier. I just can't wait to get back in the woods. I'm takin' Hillbilly Red out this weekend for a little shakedown.

HOWDY again everyone, hope you have a great happy and safe summer !!

See Youns on the trails,

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PostSubject: Re: I'm Bummed, oops err HELLO Everybody!   Thu May 03, 2007 2:55 am

Old Smokey, what's been happen to ya? I read your story sad I must say. We sure miss ya. When you going to join this club? There are a few activities forth comming this summer. How is little Hanna? She must be what 2 by now? post some picks of the family and shake upo those memories. Stay in touch.
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PostSubject: Re: I'm Bummed, oops err HELLO Everybody!   Thu May 03, 2007 12:00 pm

Hey Scott we were wondering where you have been. Keep in touch man we don't have enough of those old CJ's in the club

94YJ Tera low 4:1, 4:10's, HP D44 front locked, 8.8 rear locked, 37" Truxus M/T's, custom spring over front/spring under rear, along with other stuff (Trail rig)
00WJ open/open, lifted 31" MTR's (curbcrawler)
84 Toyota Pickup open front, welded rear, 63" chevy rear springs, propane injection, 37" mtr's, 4.7:1 Tcase

Proud member of MARR (if you don't get it don't ask, it will ask you)
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PostSubject: Re: I'm Bummed, oops err HELLO Everybody!   

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I'm Bummed, oops err HELLO Everybody!
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