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 Diff Fluid Fills Made Easy

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PostSubject: Diff Fluid Fills Made Easy   Diff Fluid Fills Made Easy Icon_minitimeTue Jul 01, 2008 8:48 pm

So... after doing several diff fluid changes now, and getting REAAAALY tired of figuring out how to empty the whole jug... especially my rear D44 that is mounted just right for the darn gas tank to be in the way.

So I went on a mission... jkfg

There had to be something out there to make this a simple task...

And then the answer came while wandering the aisles of Salvo daydreaming...

Fluid transfer pump...


This is a link to summit for the same exact thing... but Salvo had it on the shelf, as did Harbor Freight...

It is a dream come true... emptied an entire quart of fluid in about 5 pumps... refilled front diff with almost 2 quarts in about 5 minutes... including putting the plug back in...

Now no need to be a contortionist to figure out what angle you need to put the bottle/funnel etc.

Just 1 hose in the jug, and 1 in the diff... then pump away...

Better yet... small enough to take with me on the trails

Hope it helps... mbn
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PostSubject: Re: Diff Fluid Fills Made Easy   Diff Fluid Fills Made Easy Icon_minitimeFri Aug 22, 2008 11:24 pm

I spent a little more and got one I could vacuum bleed the brakes with as well.
Diff Fluid Fills Made Easy 7151708
Only problem is I don't think you can pump it back into the vehicle. I actually bought the wrong unit so we'll see when I get it.
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Diff Fluid Fills Made Easy
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